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Vinyl flooring in living room with couch, chair, and coffee table

Luxury Vinyl Floors in Laguna Niguel, CA


Vinyl flooring is all about affordable costs and a high-end appearance. Indeed, luxury vinyl flooring has it all: realistic visuals that capture the look and feel of natural hardwood, stone, and tile; easy-to-install planks and tiles; and a tough-as-nails construction compatible with everyday life.


At Crown Valley Carpet One Floor & Home we have the knowledge, products, and skills to bring every vinyl flooring vision to reality. Read on to learn more about vinyl flooring.


Why Choose Luxury Vinyl Flooring?


Life in Southern California is made for days on the beach, outdoor adventures, and family fun. What if we told you we had a floor designed to accommodate your active lifestyle without worrying about upkeep?


A manufactured floor made for modern tastes; luxury vinyl flooring is used in both commercial and residential spaces. Since it is strong enough to hold heavy furniture, frequent footsteps, splashes, and spills, vinyl is an appropriate choice for any room under your roof. There are even waterproof options.


Best Types of Luxury Vinyl Flooring


Vinyl flooring is available in plank, tile, and sheet form.


Sheet vinyl, which is sold by the roll, is the most cost friendly. Plank and vinyl both replicate the looks of your favorite hardwood species or artisan tile. They’re easy to customize to create a unique look, yet soft and warm enough to walk barefoot on.


  • Luxury vinyl tile is made to bring traditional tile looks while avoiding the cost and potential challenges. Tough on spills, vinyl tile can be used on both floors and walls. Most resilient tiles can be installed without grout. It’s easy to customize and highly affordable.


  • Luxury vinyl plank is perfect if you love the look of hardwood flooring but need flooring compatible with your active lifestyle. It’s a popular wood alternative. Planks come in all your favorite hardwood styles and finishes. Most vinyl plank will click right into place: no hammers or nails required. It can even be used as wall planks. Wherever you opt to enjoy luxury vinyl plank, you’ll love the fact that you no longer need polish.


Is All Luxury Vinyl Flooring Waterproof?


While all vinyl floors you’ll encounter in our store is made to resist moisture, here’s where it pays to pay attention: only a couple are completely waterproof.


Yes, it’s true: not all vinyl flooring is alike. Waterproof vinyl flooring stands apart due to both its watertight core, its protective topcoat, and its cork backing. The result is a floor that traps moisture at its surface, where it can be wiped away without a trace- and with no damages to your subfloor.


For your home’s most challenging spaces, including kitchens and bathrooms, we think you’ll love waterproof luxury vinyl flooring. Although all of our vinyl flooring products are made to manage a fair degree of moisture, these specific varieties go a giant step further.


Waterproof vinyl flooring has ample pros and very few cons. Like all vinyl selections, waterproof versions capture the textures and patterns of natural hardwood or stone.



Planning Your Luxury Vinyl Flooring Installation


Our favorite thing about luxury vinyl flooring is its sheer variety and its ability to make itself at home anywhere.


More luxury vinyl flooring types continue to be introduced, making it easy to appease any style craving, regardless of your budget. Luxury vinyl plank and tile can even be used as wall paneling.


Installing luxury vinyl flooring tends to be a simple task, but careful attention to subfloor preparations is important. A clean, level foundation is essential.  Most varieties click and lock into place. Your new floors won’t ever need to be sanded or polished. It’s easy to wipe up any splashes or spills using a clean cloth, then go about your day without a second thought.


Shop Luxury Vinyl Flooring Near You in Laguna Niguel, CA


We’re proud to be active members of Carpet One Floor & Home, the world’s largest cooperative of independently owned and operated flooring merchants. Because of membership, Crown Valley Carpet One Floor & Home can offer you a complete experience: a wide variety of luxury vinyl flooring products, fair pricing, and amazingly personable services from a local store you can trust.


We carry the best luxury vinyl flooring brands, including Invincible H20. Visit us today at 28950 Gold Lantern #1C in Laguna Niguel, CA,  shop our selections online at your convenience, or call us today to schedule a FREE onsite project estimate.


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